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What Our Kids Will Achieve

Placements at The Oxford Creators for 11 - 16 years olds can range from 6 weeks to as long as required.

  • Improved Confidence & Self Belief

  • Digital CV Showcasing The Child's Strengths & Experience For Future Employers

  • Podcasting, Interviewing & Networking Skills


    Oxford Creators Curriculum 

    Every child has the potential to change their current reality, but they need a strong community of people that will support, guide and inspire them to become the best versions of themselves. That's what we do here at Oxford Creators CIC.

    Our mission is to create a new reality for children out of school by equipping them with a range of mindset tools and life skills to prepare them for the world of work and higher education (and avoid them becoming NEET)

    We celebrate 'not fitting in' and harness the child's strengths to show them what is possible in life when you work hard, show compassion and find inner peace.

    Our bespoke, 1 day a week, alternative provision package delivers well-being workshops, communication skills and career inspiration to create happy, fulfilled and empowered children of the future. 

    Key Outcomes

    Develop Effective Communication Skills

    Improved Confidence, Self-Esteem & Behaviour

    A Strong Community For Children & Parents

    Learning Compassion For Others & Themselves

    Creating Digital Assets 

    Self-regulation techniques

    Understanding The Power Of The Mind

    Oxford Creators Curriculum

    Careers Club 

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    Inspirational Speakers

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    Mind Gym

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    Digital CV

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